Meta-post: Summary and Statistics


Tools of the trade:  My hand-scribbled list of Best Pictures (waterlogged from spending the year on my kitchen table).

Some Statistics for the Nerdy:


How many minutes total:   12,339 minutes (205 hours, or 8.5 days) yowza

Longest film:  Gone With the Wind (or Lawrence of Arabia if you count the director’s cut, I guess)

Shortest film:  Marty

Longest decade:  1990s (1679 minutes; bloated historical epics)

Shortest decade:  1940s (1262 minutes; war rationing)


How much time I spent calculating all this:  Way too much


How much money I spent watching these films:  Less than $15 total

Spotlight:  $8 or $9 for a discounted ticket in theater

Gigi:  $2 rental on Amazon (I was in a time pinch)

Cavalcade:  $3 rental on Amazon (I couldn’t find it anywhere else)

Otherwise, I found everything at the library or streaming


How many films had I seen before?  Eleven (seven, if you exclude the few I watched in an earlier attempt at the project)


How many movies involved World War II?  Eight

Other wars?  Nine


I’ll be honest:  I’m pretty surprised that I actually made it through this year of Best Pictures.  I watched 88 films this year, most of which I’d never seen before.  Not only that, I wrote blog posts for each film, into which I put at least a minimal amount of thought.  Literally multiple people read most of my posts.

Technically, it’s doable (since I did it), but it really felt like a job at times.  It interfered with my (fortunately non-existent) social life simply with the volume of material I had to get through in any given week or month.  I didn’t have much time to watch all the trendy TV shows that people loved two years ago (this year’s hits are further down in the queue).  After a certain point, I ran out of time to write anything except my blog posts, but that may also have been due to my laziness or lack of confidence.

So how do I feel about it?  Good question.  It feels like an accomplishment of sorts, but not quite as impressive as I’d hoped.  Although there are certainly films that have entered the general cultural mindset, many others have faded, such that it probably doesn’t matter whether I’ve seen them or not.  However, one of my goals was to increase my trivia knowledge in the area of film, and, after reading IMDB trivia for just about every Best Picture, I think I can say I succeeded there as well.


I’ll do a Top Something list in my (probably last) post, coming soon!