Meta-Post: 2016 Oscars and Progress Report

Confession time (which is maybe fitting considering my next theme will apparently be Catholicism): I didn’t watch this year’s Oscars ceremony. None of it. Not even the highlights reels that get posted on Facebook and everywhere else. Maybe I’ll check out Chris Rock’s opening bit, or listen to Dave Grohl’s In Memoriam performance of “Blackbird”, but then again, in another week, most of it will be forgotten.

I almost never watch the Oscars anyway. As I mentioned when I started this blog, I’m not that into movies, and even less into movie stars, so the idea of watching a three-hour-plus-long awards show is even less appealing to me than watching the epic films that always seem to win.

I did, of course, take note of this year’s Best Picture, which I’ll be adding to my list – and hopefully will be reviewing in a post soon. Before committing myself to one of the nominees for Best Picture, I decided to wait and see which one won. As a consequence, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t see a single Oscar-nominated film this year, unless the third Hobbit movie was nominated for something like Best Costuming or Best Beard Maintenance.

In the meantime, I have been keeping busy watching films from the past nine decades. At the end of two months, I’ve seen fourteen movies, including at least one from each of the decades in which the Oscars were awarded. I’ve done that intentionally, in an attempt to catch a broad swath of the best pictures through the years. (I also want to avoid watching, say, all the movies from the 1940s in a big clump at the end.) If you’re interested, I’ve been tagging my posts by decade, so you’ll be able to follow along even as I write about the films out of chronological order.

Out of the movies I’ve reviewed for this blog so far, four are films I’ve seen before (Wings, The Artist, Dances with Wolves, and Shakespeare in Love – though the last should only count up to the point where I fell asleep). The other ten are totally new to me, some of which are considered classics. I’ll admit that I probably could have survived in this life without having watched a few of those movies, but ultimately I’m glad I’ve taken on this project. I expected to get bored quickly and move on, but so far it’s been kind of fun. The only drawback is how much time this thing is taking away from me binge-watching TV shows on Netflix.

Finally, I wanted to point out an interesting ranking list I found on Buzzfeed. Someone out there decided not only to watch all the Best Picture films, but to rank them as well. I’ve tried not to read too much about the movies I haven’t seen yet (and don’t know much about ), so I only browsed this list – but I’m bookmarking it to look back on later. Of course, ranking lists are always a little bit arbitrary and a lot bit subjective, so I look forward to coming up with my own ranking at the end of this. I can already see some significant contrasts between this ranker’s tastes and my own.

Since I’ve been doing so well, and keeping on track, I’m taking a quick break from movie-watching but I’ll be back soon with more thrilling blog posts!